Why Engagement Photos Are So Important

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

You popped the question, now what?

Engagement sessions are a fun and beautiful way to celebrate your recent milestone with your significant other and a way to announce to the world your next adventure! Planning a wedding can be hectic and stressful, so why not have some fun and relax with some lighthearted and meaningful engagement photos? Here are just some of the reasons why getting engagement photos are so important!

It gives you a chance to meet your photographer

Establishing a relationship with your photographer (aka, us!) is so important! Us as photographers can really get to know what you want and how you are based on our time together during your engagement session! It will help ease some nerves that you may have about your big day while just hanging out and having a good time while celebrating your recent engagement. This time together gives you an opportunity to see how we work and will give us a chance to build an actual relationship with you, which will help make you feel more comfortable during your big day while we work our magic!

It will give you a chance to reconnect

Like we said, wedding planning can be hectic and stressful, the constant rushing around, calling vendors and seeing friends and family to congratulate you could make you, the couple, feel like you haven't had a moment alone together. This session gives you a chance to focus the whole time on you and your love. We always suggest having your engagement session at a place with significance, where you met, where you proposed, etc. It will make it feel more special, and also might help you feel more comfortable in a place you are familiar with.

You will have gorgeous photos of yourself to use pre-wedding

The benefit of having photos done before your wedding is that there is endless things you can do with them! Use them for your "save the dates" or for gifts for families and friends (im sure your grandparents/parents would love a copy) Or print them out and use them as decor for your wedding!

You will have a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera

Getting comfortable in front of the camera before your big day is very important! It gives you a chance to know how your photographer shoots and get to know angles and poses you don't like! It will also give us the chance to discuss what you do and don't like, giving us more of a guideline for your wedding day! Once you receive your photos, it will let you relax and gives you one less thing to stress about because you know that WE GOT THIS!

It's fun!

The whole idea of this session is to do what you love to do. This session is your relationship in a nutshell! We will hangout, do something fun and basically be a third wheel on your date! If you love hanging out with your dog, camping, going for hikes, eating pizza in your pajamas, WHATEVER IT IS, we'll be there! Just think of this session as a laid back relaxing hangout with your new best friends! (;

PS. When you book a wedding package with us your engagement session is FREE! If this blog post didn't sway your decision enough...

Thanks for reading and we can't wait to meet you!

-MWB Creative