WHAT DO I WEAR?!?! The Ultimate Guide On What To Wear for Your LIFESTYLE SESSION!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

You booked your photo session, and now its last minute and you don't know what you're going to wear, no worries! We are making this guide for you!

First and foremost, we want to exaggerate that the most important thing even before what you are wearing is that you are comfortable and you still look like yourself, we are here to capture you and your personality! So don't live by this guide, just use it as a reference and take ideas that you like and can coordinate with your personal style!

Here are just a few of our tips and tricks to help anyone look and feel amazing for their lifestyle session.

1. Don't Match, Coordinate!

Being able to coordinate your style instead of matching will give you the chance to express yourself and make you feel more comfortable! I always suggest picking 3 or 4 main colours and working from that, not everyone needs to be wearing the same colour, but everything will work together and look great!

2. Fit Your Style To Your Location!

Keep your session location in mind when thinking about what to wear! If we're shooting in the middle of a green forest, dont wear green! If we need to take a walk or hike a little to get to the location, dont wear heels! If we're shooting in a cityscape, think about dressing up a bit to match the vibe!

3. Don't Be Afraid To Dress Up

Especially if its an engagement session! Its not everyday (or maybe it is) that we get to dress fancy and get photos of us looking our best!

4. But Also Keep Comfort A Priority

We love candids! We often ask our clients to move around and interact with their families or spouse, which could be difficult if you show up in 7 inch heels or a button up that is too tight! Pick clothes that allow you to run free and play carelessly, those are often the best photos!

5. Go For Neutrals

If clients are stuck with not knowing what to wear I always tell them to just go for neautral colours! Black, white, tan, taupe, brown, grey! All looks great and will keep you from blending into the background! Timeless and beautiful.

6. Minimize The Patterns

In some cases, especially if you are in a very busy environment, patterns can make your photos look very loud and make it seem like there is a lot going on. Sometimes its good to go back to the basics and wear more plain clothes that don't overcome the person wearing them! This allows for your emotions, aswell as the location to take over and tell the story.

7. If You Love Patterns, Coordinate Them with Different Colours!

Patterns can also look super cute and work very well, if you do it right! By mixing patterns with other solid colours will give the image visual interest! Also consider the colour wheel while planning your patterns and colours to give contrast! In the photo above, Ericas kids are wearing a very nice yellow which looks amazing with this fall background, so she chose a burgundy shirt to match which I think complimented them perfectly!

8. Don't Be Afraid To Accessorize!

The simplest thing could completely change a photo! Have a piece of jewelry that means a lot? Why not commemorate it in a photo that will last forever! This also could work for a watch, necklace, earrings or even just a nice hat! This makes the image more interesting to look at and gives it that needed touch!

9. Be Aware Of Logos

The amazing thing about photos is how timeless they are, one thing that ruins that effect is.. You guessed it, Logos and brands!! This is a quick photo I took of my dad and sister and I realized my mistake the moment I took it! Yes its a nice photo, but it would look so much better if he was wearing a plain shirt, or a button up! Brands and logos die but photos last forever!

10. Start with your Favourite piece/ colour and build from there!

If you are really stuck, find your favourite piece in your closet and build from there! In this photo , Kayla has a pink dress with blue patterns on it! She them put her husband in a pink button up and her son in a mixture of both pink and blue! They all look great together and pop from the background perfectly!

Quick Guide To Seasons

Fall: earthy tones, denim, plaids, navys and yellows, yellows and burgundys, browns, rain boots, leather boots!

Winter: Neutrals, denim, complimentary colours, bright colours (red, greens, blues), fur, whites, greys, plaids, knit hats, black and whites

Spring: Pastels, florals, bright colours, tans, whites, flats, colourful shoes, navy and corals, soft yellows and turquoise, navy and greens, khakis

Summer: Neutrals, maxi dresses, heels, tshirt button ups, blue and whites, navy and yellows, chambray shirts, navy and magentas, pinks

Final Thoughts

DO consider the time of year when choosing what to wear

DON'T forget about the shoes

DO start with clothing you already own and build from there

DON'T distract from the most important part of your photos, YOU!