The Benefits of Booking An At-Home Lifestyle Session

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

If you are truly looking for a unique photo session experience, then booking an at-home lifestyle session might be what you need! These photos are very personal and can be quite moving. No session is alike because we are in the one place that truly shows who you are, your home.

Your home is the place where you can be unapologetically you, It's the place where you can be silly, where you brought home your first baby, where you make exciting decisions about your future. Your home is the center of your story. Your home holds so many special moments and memories, so why not hold a session there?

If you have a baby who isnt comfortable just posing or being outside yet, they will feel safer being at the home they recognize, and also has the option of being fed or nap before the shoot instead of rushing to get ready and leaving to an unfamiliar place!

The same goes for a toddler! If you have a stubborn or shy toddler who just doesnt like getting their photos taken, they will feel much more comfortable and willing to take part in your family photos if they have the option to take breaks, play with some toys or have a quick snack in between!

If you don't have kids, and your interested in a couples/engagement session, your home could actually be a very romantic atmosphere! Think about it, this is the place you and your significant other comes home to one another after a long day at work, this is where you eat meals together and this is where you cuddle up at night! So dim the lights, cuddle up on the couch or bed with a warm blanket and lets take some pictures!

So what are some of the other benefits?

1. Never have to worry about getting rained out

Ahh the great indoors! No matter the weather, i'll be there!

2. Less stressful

No worrying about driving to the location, potentially going to the wrong place, and being late! All you need to do is wait for me to knock on your door!

3. Its unique

No one else will have photos like yours!

4. Easily get amazing photos

You are at home, with full access to personal props, and your entire wardrobe. Enough said!

What makes a great at-home lifestyle session?

1. Cleanliness

You definitely don't want to remember the basket of dirty laundry when looking back at your photos

2. Natural Light

Photos by a large window work best, but any natural light will do!

3. Vulnerability

I want to know you and your story! How did you meet? How did you come up with your kids names? How did you get to where you are now? All this will make you more comfortable and will inevitably make for better and more personal photos!

4. Plan ahead

Plan some activities that you do daily, laying in bed, reading a book on the couch, hanging out in the kitchen. I'm here to tell your story!

5. Don't overdress

The goal is to be relaxed and comfortable. Remember, you're at home! I don't know about you but I definitely am not strutting around in high heels when I'm relaxing at home!

I hope this helped you with your decision on booking an at-home lifestyle session with us, and we hope to meet you soon!

Please feel free to comment below with anymore question or if I forgot to cover something!

- MWB Creative