Updated: Jun 13, 2019

We can barely find the words to describe our session with Jensen and Zach! What started off as an innocent model call, turned into a beautiful and emotional day for these two lovers!

After planning the model call and choosing Zach and Jensen as our models, we received a message the night before from Zach asking for our help in pulling off the perfect secret proposal! No doubt we said YES and came up with a plan, and Jensen did not see it coming!

The big day came, and we implemented our model call as usual (check out these gems)

Then it was finally time! We pretended to pose them, making Jensen turn around and facing her back to Zach and then we gave Zach the signal!!

He got down on one knee... pulled out the ring... and then we had Jensen to turn around!!

We are so happy and excited for these two, and we are so honoured that we got to be apart of this memorable day!

Congrats to Zach and Jensen!