Julia & Arthur's Engagement Session in Port Dalhousie, ON

When we first met with Julia we hit it off right away! We bonded over our love for our dogs and our favourite TV shows and when she told me about her and Arthur's relationship we knew we would make a great match! Arthur and Julia have been together for 9 years and their "how they met" story is straight out of a movie! "We met 9 years ago on the dance floor at my cottage (a bar in port Dalhousie) when arthur won a dance competition. He came up to me with a cooler he won from it and asked me to dance. At the time I thought he was 40 years old since I met him in the dark at night ahaha but realized we were only 2 years apart after talking. He took my number asked me on a date and the rest is history!"

Port Dalhousie means a lot to Julia and Arthur, so we spent the day exploring that part of the city learning about all of their favourite spots! We also ended up in the back of "My Cottage" which is the bar that they met in! The bar is closed now, but because the location is so significant we made the best with the location, and those photos actually turned out to be some of my favourites! To most the photos give off an urban cityscape vibe, but to them the location is special, which is why I love those photos so much!