Five Things you need to Do as Soon as You Get Engaged

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re officially engaged! Your mind is probably racing and of course because there is so much to think about! Where do you start, whats next etc. That is why we wrote this handy guide to help you narrow down exactly what you need to do next!

1. Take a breather

This is such an exciting time, but remember to take a breather and live in the moment with your significant other! This is the beginning of your new chapter and your life together and trust me, you do not want to let it pass by! Don't jump into wedding planning right away, take a week and savoir the moment. Life is going to get a lot more hectic and stressful once the wedding planning starts!

2. Celebrate!

Gather your friends and family and celebrate! Celebrate your future and your two families coming together! You're engaged, and that's totally worth toasting!

3. Set a Budget

Before any wedding planning begins you need to sit down and discuss your budget, whether or not your families are contributing, make sure you discuss your priorities and what you are willing to lose or what will be your "must haves" for your day!

4. Learn your style!

Start gathering wedding inspiration on wedding blogs, pinterest or even instagram! Are you aiming for a more minimal decor, does your wedding have a theme? What will be your centerpieces, bridesmaids dresses, colour scheme? Will the wedding be indoor or outdoor? Its time to get into the nitty gritty and the most exciting part!

5. Pick a Photographer

Given you have picked a date and a venue, your photographer is the next thing you should be thinking about! Most photographers are booking within a year or so before the actual wedding date, so in order to get your favourite photographer for your date you need to act fast!

If you don't have a wedding photographer in mind, there are so many options when deciding on one. Keeping your budget in mind, finding a photographer in that budget is important but just to be sure, start googling the average wedding photography package cost in your area. This will be a good place to start when or if you need to adjust your budget.

Another great place to look is Instagram, (search for #YOURLOCATIONweddingphotographer) and local wedding sites. Even wedding venues might have a list of their favourite photographers!

You will also want to find someone you can get along with, this will be the person you are going to be communicating a lot with up to and during your wedding day, make sure you both can agree on your vision! Most wedding photographers also offer complimentary engagement sessions, these sessions really gives you the chance to mingle and meet your wedding photographer in a laid back and fun session!

For more information on engagement sessions, click here to check out our blog post all about why engagement sessions are so important!

If you found this post helpful, feel free to share it so that more brides-to-be can learn what they need to do as soon as they get engaged!